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Allen R. Shuffleboard Equipment. * Store 6595 Seminole Boulevard Seminole, Florida USA * Call:1-800-260-3834.



Allen R. Shuffleboard Co. The leading manufacturer of shuffleboard equipment and shuffleboard supplies since 1941. We have cues for the beginning player and the Buggy Whip cue for the pro. Our ARCO tournament discs are used in most National and International Shuffleboard Tournaments. If you are painting your own shuffleboard court, use our shuffleboard stencil for accurate lines and numbers. Other shuffleboard supplies, include wax, glass beads, scoreboards and chalk. The store hours are 8:30 to 4:30 Monday thru Friday.


We are the leading supplier of Portable-Shuffleboard-Courts. Our Poly-Court has a patented surface that allows the discs to slide easily, yet is durable and simple to assemble, View Video. Our Roll-Out courts come in both full size Roll-Out-Court or our popular Portable-Mini-Court. We supply shuffleboard supplies and equipment for everyone in the family.



Type of Shuffleboard Courts
1. Concrete- The traditional shuffleboard court.  We can help you with our knowledge of the proper paints and stains to use - most are available at your local hardware store. Our shuffleboard stencil makes lining and numbering easy and our Nella Seal #2 Shuffleboard wax is the industry standard. We carry a comprehensive line of accessories, including glass beads, plastic shuffle beads ,disc wax sticks, and shuffleboard scoreboards to make your court play and score like a professional court.

2. Plastic Shuffleboard Courts- Also called "Poly Courts" since they are made of polypropylene plastic.  Our Poly Court has a patented surface that allows the disc to slide smoothly. It is durable, easy to assemble and the poly material is suitable for any and all climates. Our Deluxe Poly Court is of official tournament size, yet we can build a custom court of any size to meet your space requirements.

3. Portable Roll Out Courts- Our vinyl Roll Out Shuffleboard Courts are perfect for anyone that does not have space for a permanent court. Our Mini Court can be used in basements, on driveways, and on any deck. These Mini Courts are great for family parties, school functions, or church get together's. They are 2/3 the size, yet all the fun. Just roll it out, play the game, and roll it back to store until next game. Our full size roll out courts are tournament size and used in many Senior Game Competitions, as well as International Shuffleboard events.  All of our Roll Out Courts use regulation shuffleboard cues and discs.

Call Toll Free! 1-800-260-3834 * Allen R. Shuffleboard Company Seminole, Florida * 727-399-8877

Where to Buy
We have dealers in many states that stock our shuffleboard products. Call Toll Free! 1-800-260-3834 or E-mail to find a dealer near you. We can ship from our factory in Florida using UPS or US MAIL.
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